What if news served to heal, rather than to propagate the wounds of society? What if it served to enlighten and liberate, rather than to obfuscate and manipulate? What if it supported people and the living planet rather than money and power? What would it look like?

ReStory has been created to explore possible answers to those questions.

Here is the crux. Our world is in a precarious state. Humanity has converged on a culture that makes a living from oppressing its most disadvantaged and destroying its own habitat.

Yet there are brilliant, dedicated people around the world developing constructive responses to this predicament and demonstrating viable, restorative cultural and economic models. Their work and ideas deserve urgent, widespread recognition, support and implementation.

Frustratingly though, they are rarely taken seriously by mainstream media or political organisations, which routinely fail to reflect the urgency of the challenges at hand, and which implicitly promote conflict, fear and conquest rather than unity, love and cooperation.

If the media were to reflect the priorities, highlight the possibilities for regeneration and reconciliation, and shine an unwavering light on the impediments to these, while reflecting a deeper understanding of how our culture took a turn towards destruction and nihilism, then we would all be better equipped to demand, support and implement the best responses to the planetary predicament.

ReStory was founded with the aim of developing a media approach — radical, yet still fitting for mainstream outlets — that might achieve this.

It will take time to develop the appropriate restorative yet authoritative voice for reporting and analysis, and these are early days.

At this opening stage, the focus is on perspective. ReStory takes a wide-angle view of the challenges we face and frames its stories in a way that assumes all life matters and humanity is capable of restoring it. Sometimes that framing is subtle, resulting in a near imperceptible shift in the feel of a story. Sometimes it is more overt, producing a stark headline or conclusion that no mainstream outlet would dare touch.

Its reporting cycle is long, so as to capture trends. This is slow, careful news, crafted to challenge buried, negative values and to move the reader from powerless consumer to passionate advocate for life.


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